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Each child and family is allocated a primary teacher to ensure strong relationships and continuity of routines between home and the centre.  Primary caregiving allows teachers to know children well.  Teachers use observations to formally document the children’s strengths, interests and dispositions. Experiences are planned that are responsive and further develop children’s development, skills and interests.  

For example:

- Teachers use a variety of teaching strategies
- Equipment & resources support children to explore and investigate at their own pace and
- Allow children to develop working theories and revisit them
- Trips within the community offer experiences within the wider world
- Working in partnership with parents supports and extends children’s development and learning 

ERO - Education Review Office

The Education Review Office visited in 2021 and found:  “Children's learning and development in play-based contexts is supported through a sound planning framework.  This involves parents and whānau and takes account of their perspectives and aspirations.  Information about children's participation, development and friendships contributes to a full picture of each as a learner.

Teachers provide a calm and settled environment that allows infants and toddlers the space and time to lead their own learning.  Responsive caregiving meets their need for strong and secure attachments.  Oral language is a key focus for teachers working with these very young children.

Te reo Māori is highly valued and skilfully woven into day-to-day practices.  Leaders and teachers work collaboratively to develop knowledge and expertise to design and implement a responsive curriculum.”

A full copy of the report can be found

Good Beginnings is the foundation of a positive and life-long learning process.  Our name expresses our philosophy, which is based on the beliefs that:

• Each child is unique and has individual needs 
• Children develop and learn at their own pace through discovery, exploring, investigating, thinking and communicating
• Good communication and close links between teachers, parents and whānau are the foundation of the programme
• The centre’s name represents the emphasis on care, nurture and education
• Effective programme planning and assessment covers all aspects of children’s learning
• Our philosophy, together with aspirations families have for their child during their time at the centre guide the programme.

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